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Judy Cameron

Custom Design Expert

With over 40 years experience in retail Judy is a Custom Design and Remodelling expert. Her expertise is seeing inside the creation to find what the absolute best outcome is for her client and the piece of Jewellery she is creating.

Her creative imagination is an absolute plus towards any custom design or remodelling challenge, coupled with her passion for heirloom jewellery right through to the modern era.

She enjoys the daily challenges of running a small business and enjoys the many friends she has made in both the jewellery industry and her clients.

Andrew Cameron (FGAA)

Diamond Doctor

Cameron’s Fine Jeweller’s Diamond Doctor, Andrew Cameron, is a Graduate Gemmologist G.A.A. A Registered Valuer N.C.J.V. A Certified Diamond Grader G.A.A., Qualified Diamond Technologist and an appointed Antwerp Diamond Broker.

As one of the few Registered Valuers in Country Victoria, Andrew is proud to be able to supply this service to Swan Hill and surrounds making him a great asset to this City.

His passion for diamonds and gemstones allows him to work with Judy on the custom designs and in-store products allowing him to source worldwide for the best bargains in both diamonds and gemstones and allowing Cameron’s Jewellers to pass these savings onto the customer.

His yearly trip to Antwerp, Belgium, the diamond capital of the world not only keeps him in touch with the current diamond market but allows him to keep track of diamond and gemstone trends on an international basis.

Andrew is also a member of the JAA and the GAA and with Judy was 2007 Australian Jewellers of the Year through the Nationwide Jewellers Group.

Catherine Columbro

Fine Jewellery Consultant

Catherine joined our sales team in mid 2021. Coming from a self employed background for over 30 years in retail, she is a HUGE asset to our team.

Her knowledge and passion for jewellery is second to none and you know that when being served by Catherine you will get the most amazing customer service.

Bev Pollard

Senior Administrator

Bev joined our team in early 2023. Bev has been an invaluable asset to the business and personal assistant to Judy. While you wont see her face when you come into the store, she is always busy working away behind the scenes.

Aly Anderson

Fine Jewellery Consultant

Workshop Aid

Janita Carbone

Fine Jewellery Consultant

Jazzie Pierce

Fine Jewellery Consultant

Social Media Associate