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Our History

We’re passionate about the jewellery business. That’s how we’ve been helping customers for 2 decades now and still love what we do.

See some of the highlights from our journey


This year we are learning to live in the “new normal” and everything is beginning to go back to the way it used to be.

We are currently building a new website & we cannot wait for you all to see it & enjoy its new features.


With Covid-19 still in full force, we completed 7 lockdowns this year.

Judy & Andrew became Grandparents to the gorgeous Evelyn May.


This year saw the Covid-19 virus hit our small town hard, with multiple lockdowns.

2020 was a challenging and forever changing year in the world of retail.

Our small business was able to adapt very quickly and make full use of our social media and online presence. Making us build our business in new ways during this otherwise difficult time.


In June, Judy, Andrew & Hope attended the Nationwide Jewellers Group Time Out Conference in Sanctuary Cove, Queensland. The main focus of this conference was “Beyond The New Normal” focusing on the current challenges that all retail stores face.

Great information from the guest speaker Salina Knight about social media. Also was a chance to catch up with other Nationwide members.

In July, Andrew Cameron, Registered Valuer completed a refresher course on Jewellery Valuing in Melbourne, Victoria.

At this same time, ALL staff members have started the Swarovski Crystal & Jewellery training, making sure we are all full of knowledge for our customers.


Andrew & Judy attend Nationwide timeout conference in Canberra. Highlights of the trip include the very informative seminars and dinner at the Australian War Museum.

In March, Cameron’s Jewellers celebrates 20 years in the Jewellery industry, 20 years as a Nationwide Jewellers Member, and 20 years as a Swarovski Dealer. What an achievement.

In June, as guests of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers (NCJV), Andrew and Judy attend the Cartier Collection in Canberra. An incredible history of the Jewellery industry.

In August, Andrew, Judy & Hope all complete “Industry Best Practice Course” with Colin Pocklington in Melbourne.

In August, Andrew, Judy & Hope attend the 2018 International Jewellery Fair in Sydney. Here they extend their knowledge with all things jewellery related & see all the latest fashion trends on the market.


Nic & Erin get married in April, a beautiful family occasion.

Andrew and Judy travel to Fiji in June for Nationwide’s international Timeout conference.

Cameron’s launches new online store and website in July.

Andrew & Judy travel to Antwerp, Belgium in September for their annual Diamond Buying Trip to buy diamonds for their clients.

Andrew & Judy visit the Swarovski Crystal Palace in Innsbruck, Austria which was a Lifetime dream for Judy.


We held our 10th Annual Swarovski VIP event. With a new location and our clientele it really made the day as enjoyable as every other event.

Judy and Andrew ventured off to America in May/June for the Nation Wide Jewellery fair/conference. They came back with new and exciting things & Judy can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Andrew, Judy, Hope, Phil, and Baby Jackson all travel to the Gold Coast for the Nationwide Time out conference. Very informative conference filled with a bit of fun as Phil won the golf competition.

Andrew and Judy travel to Los Vegas in June 2016 for the JCK Jewellery fair. 5 days of conferences, networking, and discovering all the latest trends in the Jewellery industry.

Hope and Phil get married in October, wonderful time had by all.


We held our 9th Annual Swarovski VIP event in February, this continues to be a well attended and fun day for our loyal Swarovski clientele.

Andrew graduated as a qualified Diamond Technologist in March. Andrew and Judy also travelled to Auckland, New Zealand in March for the Nationwide time-out conference. Here they attended a conference and workshop on using Social Media successfully. A great time was had by all the Nationwide 'family'.

Andrew began his studies in CAD design using state of the art software and technology.

In April Judy and Andrew travelled to DeBeers diamond mind in Botswana, Africa. This proved to be an amazing educational experience seeing diamonds being mined and seeing their new cutting and grading facility.

In September we had another successful trip to Antwerp to buy diamonds for a very special clients.

October saw us invest in a new engraving machine for our workshop. We can now engrave photos onto many different surfaces.


Judy and Andrew travelled to Japan to visit the Seiko factory and a cultured pearl farm

We were awarded the Antwerp Diamond Marketing Award at the Cairns time out conference for Nationwide Jewellers

We held our 8th Annual Swarovski VIP event, we are currently the biggest dealer in Swarovski crystal and jewellery in Northern Victoria.

Andrew is currently studying Diamond Technology with the G.A.A.

Our redesigned website went live. It’s now easier for us to update our content and keep you up to date and the site is now responsive, meaning it works on all devices, mobiles, tablets and desktop computers. We hope you like the new look

At the end of this year Alex completed her Apprenticeship and became a fully qualified Manufacturing Jeweller. We are so proud of her efforts.


Andrew and Judy travelled to Antwerp, Belgium for their annual Diamond buying trip

We held the inaugural Swan Hill and District Jewellery Expo. We invited 22 suppliers, representing 30 brands and raised just under $6000 for our local Swan Hill Hospital

We invested in an engraver for engraving inside rings and bangles to compliment our existing workshop capabilities


After completing his ‘Diploma in Gemmology’ and ‘Certified Diamond Grader’ and satisfying the criteria of having more than 5 years in the jewellery industry Andrew successfully completed the rigorous exams to become a registered valuer. He became the only practising N.C.J.V. outside of Melbourne and Geelong in Victoria

Hope, our store manger, completed her diamond grading three and four and became a Certified Diamond Professional through Nationwide Jewellers

Hope completed Diamond Essentials, Coloured Stone essentials and Jewellery Essentials with GIA and became a GIA Accredited Jewellery Professional. Hope incorporated this area of expertise into our regular staff training sessions

Andrew and Judy have a one-on-one diamond cutting lesson with Gabi Tolkowsky whilst on their annual diamond buying trip in Antwerp. What an honour!

Nationwide Jewellers started the ‘Nathan Cameron Perpetual Trophy’ for apprentice jewellers. This Australia wide award is given to the most skilled manufacturing apprentice and is in memory of Judy and Andrews son, Nathan who was an apprentice Jeweller at the time of his sudden passing

World skills Australia also honour Nathan with the Nathan Cameron World Skills Perpetual Trophy for the most outstanding competitor in the World Skills Australia competition

Judy completed a course by Shane Decker “The Anatomy of Creating Sales” and begins training her staff members in these techniques


Hope completed her Diamond Grading one and two

We completed a major refit of our Jewellery store to celebrate ten years since establishing the store

Our customer loyalty program began

A major Thomas Sabo event was held in store

We employed Alex Maeder as an apprentice manufacturing jeweller

We held a Tolkowsky Diamond event in store

Andrew completed his Diploma in Gemmology through G.A.A.

While we had a social media presence on Facebook we also launched our first website. This included pages for all of our services, displayed examples of our work and we also introduced an education centre to help our customers care for their jewellery.


Judy and Andrew travel to Antwerp, Belgium to choose their own diamonds.

Judy and Andrew travel to Thailand to visit the Institute of Gemmology and buy rubies and sapphires.

Nathan competes in World Skills Australia and comes 4th in the Australian Competition in his field.

Nathan has sudden cardiac arrest while playing football and passes away. He was 19 years old, our beloved son.

Andrew defers from his diploma in gemmology for one year.

Hope Beasy joins our team as Store Manager.

Judy, unable to serve because of her sad face, works on Cameron’s Fine Jewellers website, and the CFJ Facebook page. Judy also continues staff training whilst only serving clients for custom makes.

Contract of Master Jeweller Chan Yi begins


Judy and Nathan do Jewellery Drawing course with Rex Steel Merten.

Nathan graduates as a Manufacturing Jeweller.

Andrew starts his diploma in gemmology.

Judy and Andrew travel to Antwerp to personally select diamonds for their custom make clients.


Purchased a Laser welder for our workshop, only 6 such machines in Australia at that time. It can laser weld to 1 tenth of a millimetre.

Andrew and Judy meet Gabi Tolkowsky, the worlds most famous diamond cutter.

Andrew becomes a certified Diamond Grader G.A.A.


Closed Import Bazaar in December to concentrate more on our Jewellery Store.

Travelled to the Hong Kong International Jewellery Fair to experience the international vastness of the jewellery industry.

Andrew becomes an Antwerp Diamond Broker in an official ceremony at HRD Headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium.

Cameron’s Fine Jewellers are named ‘Member of the Year’ for Nationwide Jewellers in competition with over 500 stores Australia wide.

Our son Nathan Cameron joins the family business as an apprentice manufacturing jeweller


Our inaugural Swarovski VIP event is held outside our store, personal invitations were given to our top 100 Swarovski clients for afternoon tea.

Andrew and Judy travel to Boston USA for the international Jewellers Organisation fair, where they made international contacts and learnt about branding. (This group also donated to the Black Saturday bush fire appeal)

Travelled to Antwerp, Belgium to buy diamonds direct and pass savings for these diamonds on to our clients.

Employed Dave Norris, Master Jeweller.

Went ‘live’ with SWIM software, created just for jewellery stores.


Started offering custom made jewellery and custom re-modelling services.

Workshop is now fully equipped to manufacture on site.


Established Cameron’s Fine Jewellers workshop, starting with both intricate and basic repairs.

Invested in even more workshop equipment and materials


Judy started a deportment program for school aged children to work after school and during school holidays. The program includes life skills like goal setting, selling and learning to sell yourself in interviews, merchandising and all aspects of retail. Some of Judy’s girls have gone onto to become; police officer, speech pathologist, school teacher, career in retail, accountant, etc.

Judy completes the course by Brad Huisken, “Relationship Selling Program” and begins a program of ongoing training for all staff members in the art of selling and communicating.


Participated in the inaugural St Mary’s shopping spree (Judy helped create this event). This was a successful fundraiser for St Marys school in Swan Hill and was held each year for seven years.

Andrew completes Diamond Grading, Certificate 3 & 4


After months of planning we opened Cameron’s Fine Jewellers in June.

Andrew completed Diamond Grading certificate 1 & 2.


We started searching for a second site to establish a Jewellery store

Purchased a computerised engraving machine.

Andrew completed a computerised engraving course


Andrew completed a basic watch repairs course, including fitting batteries

Andrew completed a basic Jewellery repairs course


Judy and Andrew Cameron purchased Import Bazaar in Campbell Street, a gift and small jewellery store.

We joined Nationwide Jewellery Group.

We continue our contract with Swarovski Crystal.

Expanded the jewellery section of the store

Clients indicate that they are happy to buy jewellery off us but the gift store layout lacks privacy.