Jewellery Valuations

Jewellery Valuations

For Insurance & Peace of Mind


If your jewellery is lost or stolen, can you supply an accurate current description to the insurer for you to be adequately compensated?

  • A valuation for Insurance is the perfect way to be sure that the true financial value of your pieces with a current replacement value, description, and photograph.
  • A valuation can assist police with a description in the event of loss and theft.

Financial Value

How much is my jewellery worth?

Although the sentimental value of your jewellery cannot be measured, a valuation for insurance is the perfect way to know the true financial value of your jewellery so it is protected.

A certified valuation by a professional valuer includes:

  • A detailed description of the item
  • The current market value
  • Gram and Carat weights
  • Photograph
  • Database record

Private Sale

Did you buy a piece of jewellery off the internet and want to know what it's worth? 

  • A valuation provides the true financial value as well as verifies the authenticity of the items.
  • A valuation also provides a fair and reasonable second-hand price for resale to another member of the public.

Trust the Professional

Andrew Cameron FGAA Dipt DT

Andrew Cameron, a member of the national council of jewellery valuers (NCJV) is Nortern Victoria's only Registered Jewellery Valuer.

Andrew is also a Graduate Gemmologist G.A.A. A Registered Valuer N.C.J.V. A Certified Diamond Grader G.A.A., Qualified Diamond Technologist and an appointed Antwerp Diamond Broker.

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Valuation update

It is important to have your Jewellery reassessed every two to three years to ensure the valuation is current. Prices can fluctuate based on the stock market, metal and diamond trade prices.

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