Registered Valuations

Registered Valuations

Why should you use a registered valuer?

We would never take a risk with your most treasured possessions. Andrew Cameron, a member of the national council of jewellery valuers is a skilled expert and based here in our store in Swan Hill. Andrew provides highly detailed certificates of valuations that are vitally important when purchasing a piece of jewellery, seeking a fair price when selling, or for providing adequate insurance cover in case items are lost, damaged or stolen.

A certified valuation by a professional valuer includes your current market value, photograph and database record

Reasons to consider having your jewellery valued;

  • When claiming insurance for lost, stolen or damaged items.
  • Seeking a fair price for resale.
  • Receive the correct value on your internet purchases.
  • Divorce settlement.
  • Estate division.
  • Ongoing database record of your jewellery.

Can anyone value Jewellery?

No. Accurate jewellery valuation is a demanding and highly technical profession that draws on many areas of expertise and knowledge. Members of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers undergo accredited training in gemmology study, diamond and gemstone grading, and the detection of synthetic gemstones and treatments. They must also undertake ongoing education to keep up to date with industry changes.

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