Jewellery Insurance

Jewellery Insurance

Why do you need insurance?

For your piece of mind. If your jewellery is lost, stolen or damaged, you should have it protected properly.

Jewelsure Insurance

The Jewelsure Repair and Replacement Insurance policy is designed specifically to protect your jewellery. It can be purchased through any Jewelsure approved jeweller or directly through us.

It provides superior coverage and entitles you to return to your preferred Jewelsure jeweller in the event of a claim.

What this includes:

  • 24 Hours Per Day, 365 Days Per Year Protection.
  • Worldwide cover.
  • Repair and/or replacement of items.
  • Regular Valuation updates to ensure your jewellery is insured correctly.
  • Instant insurance before you leave the store.
  • An excess of only $50.00 per claim.
  • It is a like for like policy.

i.e. in the event of a claim your jewellery will be repair or replaced with identical components, or if they are not available, components of the same value or better.

  • You are never underinsured as the insurance value follows any increases in the value of your jewellery during the policy period, and
  • You can add on additional jewellery at any time during the policy period

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