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Sterling Silver

The most popular silver used in jewellery is sterling silver

Silver is a very malleable and ductile metal, which means it can be pulled into a wire or hammered into a thin sheet without breaking. It is a white metal.

In its purest form, silver is a soft metal, which can be easily damaged. In order to increase its strength silver is alloyed with other metals. Although any metal can be added, but most popular is copper. It improves durability and strength without effecting too much of its beautiful colour and sheen. It is more reflective than gold and can achieve the most brilliant polish.

The most popular silver used in jewellery is sterling silver. It is composed of 92.5% of silver and 7.5% copper or other metals, this makes it excellent for jewellery.

General Info

Sterling silver is stamped with the following quality marks.

  • sterling silver
  • sterling
  • ster
  • 925


Just following simple steps will make your silver jewellery last a lifetime.

Always keep you jewellery separately, preferably in a cloth pouch or jewellery box in order to prevent scratching or tarnishing. Always avoid exposing it to household chemicals, such as bleach or chlorine.

It’s normal for silver to tarnish when it reacts with sulfur or hydrogen sulphide and the ambient air. It can easily be removed by polishing with cloth or solutions specifically formulated for silver cleaning.

Further care instructions