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Silver Care

Silver is a beautiful precious metal that is very durable; however it can tarnish or oxidise easily

Caring for and cleaning silver is very easy, you can clean silver with dishwashing detergent and an extremely soft brush, usually a very soft baby’s toothbrush will do the trick. Once the water beads up on the silver, pat dry with a lint free cloth.

If your silver is particularly scratched, dull or tarnished Cameron’s Jewellers can professionally polish it for you – restoring the silvers natural lustre.

Do not use a harsh cloth as the fibres may scratch and damage the silver.  You should store silver in a dry, dark place. Light can tarnish your silver, so usually a velvet box or a velvet bag is perfect. It is also important to note that chlorine and household chemicals can damage silver, so if you plan on swimming or cleaning your home, remove your silver jewellery.