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Gold Care

Gold is actually very easy to keep clean and if you want your gold to look great no matter how old it is here are some easy tips

If you own gold, it is important to care for it properly.

Gold can be cleaned easily with dish washing detergent and a very soft toothbrush, while this method sounds crude, it will usually be extremely effective. You can also purchase specialist gold jewellery cleaner from Cameron’s Jewellers. These cleaners are mild and non-abrasive and usually include a soft brush. Once you have removed dirt or make up, you can buff gently with a lint free cotton cloth. If your gold is particularly scratched or dull, Cameron’s Jewellers can professionally polish it for you.

One of the best ways to store gold is in a velvet box or in tissue paper. Make sure the gold is dry and is stored in a cool, dry environment. Velvet or tissue paper is used so that other pieces of jewellery that have sharp edges or stones do not scratch or damage the jewellery.