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Education Centre

Gemstone Care

Buying a gemstone is your investment in lasting beauty

If you treat it accordingly, a gemstone’s durability means it can last for generations – but it must be handled with care. 

Here are some easy guidelines for taking care of your gemstones.

  • Keep your jewellery separated when you put it away. Never let one item touch another, and always put it in soft fabric.
  • Apply colognes and toiletries before you put on your jewellery.
  • Clean your jewellery regularly. Ask your jeweller to recommend the proper cleaning methods.
  • Bring your gemstones to Cameron’s Fine Jewellers every year. They can be expertly cleaned and their settings checked.
  • Finally, rely on Cameron’s Fine Jewellers, before and after your purchase. We are here today, not only to sell merchandise to you, but also to be here tomorrow, to give you service and advise.