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Even more valuable than diamonds, fine-quality Emeralds of significant size are among the world’s most bewitching jewels.

Their incomparable dark green colour is produced only under extremely rare conditions. Because these conditions also result in tiny cracks and cavities in the stone, inclusions are allowed in top-quality Emeralds.

The hue of nature itself, Emerald enjoys appeal year-round: an ideal accent for spring wardrobes, a highlight of summer designs, an autumn complement and the perfect hue to dispel winter blues. Emerald has cross-generational appeal.

Emerald is the birthstone for May and is also the gemstone for the twentieth and thirty-fifth wedding anniversaries.

General Info

Major Sources

Afghanistan, Columbia, Zambia, Brazil, Zimbabwe.


Environmental Factor


 HeatMay cause fractures
 LightFracture fillings may dry out or alter under intense light
 ChemicalsFracture fillings may be affected by any type of chemical, emerald itself is resistant to all acids except hydrofluoric.


  • C2 - Commercial Quality; included; variation in colour
  • B - Included (cloudy); light colour; good cut, good polish
  • A - Slightly included; medium colour; good cut, good polish
  • AA - Slightly included; medium dark colour; good cut, good polish
  • AAA - Very slightly included; medium dark to dark colour; high brilliance; good cut, good polish



7.5-8 on the Mohs scale


Poor to good


Emerald is rated "fair to good" for everyday wear with care, Avoid exposure to heat, contact with chemicals, and protect from scratches and harsh blows.

To clean, gently scrub with soft toothbrush and a solution of mild dish soap and warm water.

Further care instructions